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EDM.com Spotlight

Get Your Introduction to Drumcode With These 10 Crucial Releases [LISTEN]

For almost 21 years now, Adam Beyer’s Swedish based label Drumcode has held it’s title as one of the largest techno powerhouses in the the world, and with good reason. With releases from Alan Fitzpatrick, Dense & Pika, Maceo Plex, Marco Carola over the years, along with tons of other world class producers, this roster is nothing to joke about.

Deciding on ten tracks for this list out of the countless amazing and unique ones released throughout the years on the label was really a hard decision, for many of these tracks have become imperative to pushing forward the techno scene. That being said, I've narrowed the focus to the last few years of Drumcode in order to really hone in on the tracks that have defined the label's current era.

Keep in mind, the music put out on Drumcode is not the kind of sh%t that you’ll hear DJ Hanzel playing in his attempts of being a German techno/house DJ. These are the real deep tracks.

Like I mentioned in the Dirtybird essentials write up last week, this music will take you on a journey. It’s edgy, possibly even making you a bit uncomfortable because you don’t really know how to feel about it but I advise you to let the music take over. Listen to these tracks with a good pair of headphones or speakers, for the sub bass and kick drum are the most important elements in techno.

Enrico Sangiuliano vs Hertz - Start Of Madness

A great track to throw on the dancefloor once the crowd is fully immersed into the set. The build in here is insane, the drop is subtle but will definitely get people moving.

Layton Giordani - Where it Begins

Giordani is one of the lucky few young artists to be featured on the label. This track will explain why Beyer has such strong faith in the budding young producer and DJ.

Adam Beyer Vs Dense & Pika - Future

The kicks in this song are just beyond superb, it keeps my attention throughout the entire track. The ambience also adds a nice flavor, really gets you thinking.

Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal

If I could describe this song in one word it would be “peaking.”

Pig&Dan - Mexico

Not really sure what inspired the name of this track but I heard someone drop it in their set once and the crowd went absolutely wild.

Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Given that this is song is a remix of from Moby's classic 1999 album Play, it's a bit more melodic than the ones above so. This is a great entry point for those who are relatively new to this kind of music.

Luigi Madonna - Unconditional Beauty

This is one of the more well-known tracks on the label and for good reason. It takes you to a deep and dark place, a glimpse of what to expect from a good techno set.

Alan Fitzpatrick - Love Siren

The eerie vocals that ring on throughout the track make one reminisce on better days until the drop comes. At that moment all those thoughts leave your mind and the music takes over.

Dense & Pika - TEX

I told myself I wasn’t going to add two songs by the same artist in this series but Dense & Pika’s production skills just forced me to make an exception.

Harvey McKay - The Cure

McKay really did make “The Cure” in the production of this track. It holds a fun and vibrant energy that makes it a perfect track to add to your set.

For your on the go listening, we've put together a Soundcloud playlist so you can keep your beats deep for whenever the mood strikes you.

Any classic Drumcode jams that we missed? Give us a shout in the comments!