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EDM.com Spotlight

Is Getter Actually Planning on Quitting the EDM Scene?

Over the weekend, Getter posted a since deleted tweet at a certain twitter user explaining that he is one of the reasons he’s leaving EDM soon.

(courtesy of YourEDM)

Some people may think that this is a childish reaction to haters that big names in the scene should be well adjusted to, but if you follow Getter religiously like me, you’ll know that this has been a long time coming (ok, maybe not a super long time, but it’s been on the horizon for sure).

He tweeted this on every stoner’s favorite holiday:

And this just a few days later:

He’s clearly been fed up with “the scene” for quite awhile, and nobody is invincible.

It seems now that the suh dude has finally reached his boiling point.

Getter had himself a nice long twitter rant explaining his feelings about the scene, mostly that it’s filled with fake positivity, and saying that he’s going to “leave his mark” with his “first and last REAL album.”

Amidst all this, as fans, it’s important for us to remember that our favorite producers are just people at the end of the day; they owe us nothing, and we should be grateful for the tunes they give us.

Regardless of what Getter decides to do in the future, we support his decision and understand that it's a purely personal one to make. The music industry can be a tough beast to face sometimes, and with as much focus on social media personality and branding, it can be tough to truly disconnect and focus on what brought us here in the first place: music.

Check out Getter’s twitter for the full dialogue.

H/T: YourEDM