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EDM.com Spotlight

The Fat Jew's Major Lazer Tribute Band, Major Behavior, Plays Show With Diplo [WATCH]

Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, is an American commentator and model. His latest project has been forming the first EDM tribute band to Major Lazer, called Major Behavior. These super fans decided that the high-energy group needed recognition, as they are “one of the greatest musical acts in history”.

In fact, earlier this year they partnered with Four Loko to do a four-stop international IRL tour that touched down in Montreal, New York, Tempe, and Chicago where they actually got to perform with Diplo himself.

At their Chicago stop, Billboard Dance founder Matt Medved had the chance to catch up with them pre-show in the green room to see how their tour went. Topics ranged from cigar-like shaped rolls of cold cuts to Uber Pools, and finished off with them killing it on stage with their idol.

See their comedic interview below, and check out their first episode in case you missed it.

Image Credit: Major Behavior

H/T: Billboard