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Don't Call it a Comeback: 5 American Trance Talents You Cannot Miss

Many people have been saying that trance has been making a comeback in the dance scene across the globe thanks to rising artists like U.K sensation Alan Banks and Russian-native Bobina. But with the handful of trance artists to choose from, it can get pretty easy to forget about the American talents making a difference in the prevailing trance community.

This list is here to concurrently inform and remind us of the 5 home talents that are working seemingly effortlessly to make trance great again!

Adrian Alexander

As the leading artist for Elliptical Sun Recordings, Adrian Armendariz, going under the alias Adrian Alexander, is a Kentucky Trance and progressive DJ/producer who has been making marks in the dance industry for the past couple of years. With releases like ‘Turnaround’ and ‘Oceans Calling’, it’s pretty obvious to see why he has been growing so fast in popularity. Adrian has already appeared multiple times on favored radio shows, such as , and was featured on Elliptical Sun Recording’s 2016 End Of The Year Compilation mix.

Kenneth Thomas

Hailing from Detroit, Kenneth Thomas is a DJ/Producer/Family Man/ and owner of the IAMPHOENIX record label with his wife. His Beatport Top 10 releases like “The Orange Room” and “Grace Alene” have helped continue to push him into widespread popularity and gain notice from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, and Cosmic Gate. And with Paul Oakenfold as his mentor, Kenneth Thomas will undoubtedly be the next prodigy of trance and all that is dance. He is definitely an emerging figure in the dance community and have you fall in love with trance all over again.


Michael Lee, going under the moniker Magnus, is a Seattle-based Producer/DJ who brings the unique combination of trance and psytrance to perfect harmony. Although he has already been playing in the scene for quite some time now, his recent collaborations and singles such as ‘Evoke’ and ‘Prana Flow’ have been helping solidify his name as a unique sound of trance. Along with his tracks being featured on A State of Trance and Global Trance Grooves, he has already made appearances at big-time events like SoCal’s Dreamstate and Burning Man. Take a listen at his newest releases and see why is becoming a favorite to trance lovers all around.


Chicago-bred Jeff Osimitz has been effulgent in the electronic dance community thanks to his natural ear for music. With influences from Armin van Buuren and Paul Van Dyke, Jeff took his early years playing jazz and listening to a variety of house music and bloomed his knack into a trance and progressive house success. His very first EP called Refinement had claimed #5 in the world and topped #1 on the Progressive House Release Charts on Beatport. He has since then signed to a handful music labels, such as Elliptical Sun Recordings, and has gotten to open for performers like Arty, Cosmic Gate, and Kenneth Thomas.

Omair Mirza

This Texas native trance and house producer Omair Mirza has been steadily climbing the ranks after graduating high school in 1999 and dedicating himself full-time to his love for electronic music. After consistently proving himself worthy in the scene with releases like “8 Gig” and “Blood Fire,” he would then make his breakthrough in 2014 by signing to the prestigious record labels Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings. Shortly after, his track release “High Roller” would further solidify his name with it being featured at major festivals, such as EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, following support from elite producers like Ferry Corsten, Mark Sixma, and Armin Van Buuren. Now as the founder and proud owner of his new music label ØHM Music, Omair has been paving his career to new heights and helping artists succeed by promoting the very things that he has lived by: musical expression and innovative thinking.

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Cover photo courtesy of Jake West for Insomniac