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EDM.com Spotlight

New York City may be Implementing a New Government Position for…Night Life?

Councilman Rafeal Espinosa has proposed a new position to be added to the New York City government referred to as a “night mayor”. He explains that this nightlife-only mayor would work as a set of eyes to keep the city, it’s people, and its visitors safe while the daytime mayor, Bill de Blasio, catches up on some shut eye. Espinosa believes that “the city that never sleeps” needs a liaison between the nightlife, the city, and the community and that is a job fit only for the night mayor.

Not only does he hope to keep the people safe, but he also hopes to help fuel popularity of local bars and restaurants with this night mayor. Espinosa hopes to make it easier for NYC local establishments to compete with the buzzing popularity of the tourist businesses. His vision is to keep these DIY spaces and small-scale venues alive and well to fuel expression and involvement within the community.

Espinosa commented to Gothamist saying:

I feel like these venues are facing a whole array of issues, getting up to code, and also dealing with pressures of real estate market here in New York. "

There isn’t a very clear definition to this position yet, as it is just being brought up in legislative conversation. But what we do know is that this practice has been seen successful before, implemented overseas in cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, and more. It’s even been claimed to bring down the crime in these areas during the night. So, maybe this concept wouldn’t be so bad after all? Check out this news report for more information and drop a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on NYC’s possible new commander of the party scene, the night mayor!