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EDM.com Spotlight

There's Few Artists That Can Groove Better than The Polish Ambassador

Infectious funk and mystical synth work paired with lush sounds sampled from far corners of the globe only begins to describe the music produced, written and performed by the San Francisco electronic act.

Making tunes and touring for the last decade, The Polish Ambassador has racked up a massive catalog of music to go along with (and explain) his budding listener base. Most recently in March he released Color of Flight, a melding of earlier Polish stylings with a more organic and world flavor of instrumentation.

Consistently putting out high quality projects since 2006 when he dropped his debut album Diplomatic Immunity, which caught the attention of everyone from Microsoft-backed video game developers to digital radio platforms. The record was praised as a synthy 8-bit electro work of art, with personal favorites like “Earth Versus The World,” “Infiltrating the UN,” and “London Telecommunicating” as stand outs.

By 2010, TPA dropped The Phantasmal Farm (2007), I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him. (2008), and First Words (2010). From The Phantasmal Farm coming with a glitchier electro breakbeat edge still residing in 8-bit territory, to IFHNIMKH moving more toward experimental breaks and vocal sampling, to the funky grooves supplied on First Words. All projects are laced with emotive synth-work and become increasingly more experimental; a foreshadowing for future works.

As the years pass by, a pattern of developing complexity in production and composition begins to emerge in TPA’s sound. He just sidesteps the genre labels and creates.

Future, Sex, Computers (2011) showcased a wobbly-side of glitch yet to be seen from TPA, with a downtempo selection of head-bobbing tunes. Keeping the same tropes of the previous year’s project, Superpowers evolved from syncopated grooves to fully immersive tracks with deeper texture, and a hint of more emotion behind them.

The 2013 release Ecozoic incorporated a more distinctive instrumentation feel; a deeper soundscape. Pushing Through the Pavement (2014) has the most collaboration of any TPA release to date, with The Polish Ambassador hosting a large conglomerate of different artists, including the stellar track “Let the Rhythm Just” featuring Mr. Lif and Ayla Nereo. The entire project is a treat and the trio combine forces for the 2015 release Terra Bella, in a future hip-hop format with Polish’s producer touch. Dreaming on an Old Tomorrow (2016) doesn’t deviate from the vocal-centric themes of Terra Bella, as TPA features a cast of lyricists to add their flare on some lush instrumentals.

A proponent of the “name your price” pay-model for album releases, this diplomat of funk steady keep his fans in mind––all the while rocking a jumpsuit, his signature look and also creative inspiration for his label Jumpsuit Records.

The Polish Ambassador is also quite the musical activist, using his popularity to leverage change in the community (both locally and globally). From starting the Permaculture Action Movement that aims at mobilizing energy from festival goers into community action, to making nutritious beverage options available at venues on a TPA tour, The Polish Ambassador just wants people to “party with a purpose”.

Catch him this festival/show season at: Sonic Bloom, Moonshine Festival, Enchanted Forest, Konnexion Music Festival, Rootwire, Summer Meltdown, Shambhala, Oregon Eclipse, Shangri-La, and The 1st Annual Jumpsuit Family Gathering. Tickets here.

Cover photo courtesy of Daniel Zetterstrom