EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Running, Partying, and Charity Collide with the World’s first Running Music Festival

Ever wonder if you could possibly think of a way to make EDM music even better? Well, Night Nation Run has done just that by creating the newest music festival concept that promotes charity, fitness, and of course a good time. Night Nation Run is the World’s first running music festival, meaning that attendees have the chance to run through a 5k course with some exciting twists along the way. Guests are encouraged to run, walk, dance, shuffle, even skip their way through the course and spend as much time as desired at the party zones along the way.

Night Nation Run is described as “a musical voyage filled with live music, lights, lasers, all set to the latest in Electronic Dance Music” and once the finish line is crossed the real party begins! The course ends with a main stage festival experience that looks like something straight out of an Insomniac after movie. Guests have access to food and beverage stands and a fully equipped stage featuring top DJ’s and celebrity performers.

When the night is over, the legacy that this company has created will continue to create a lasting impact. Night Nation Run is a proud partner supporting Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) as their official charity. SU2C is one of the premier funding institutions created to accelerate innovative cancer research. Their goal is to get new therapies to patients as quickly as possible in hopes of beating cancer for good.

This company has found yet another way to positively redesign Electronic Dance Music. In the end, it’s about the promotion of all things good. Good music, good people, good vibes, and now thanks to Night Nation Run, a good cause. To date, over 1 million people have become members of the Night Nation. This run is taking a tour all throughout the U.S. and even venturing outside as far as Tokyo and Dubai. It’s easy to get involved and make a positive impact on your community especially when we have chance to celebrate to the music we all know and love. For more information on pricing and how to join the Night Nation in a city near you, check out their official website here.

Photo Courtesy of Night Nation Run.