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EDM.com Spotlight

ZHU Releases New Eerie Music Video for "Intoxicate" [WATCH]

Just a month after the release of the music video "Nightcrawler," comes a video for "Intoxicate," yet another dark single by Zhu.

The mysterious producer has been active as of late with his Gorillaz remix of "Andromeda" and the string of singles being released. Filmed in black and white, the video for "Intoxicate" definitely echoes retro slasher films with a mysterious character sawing up limbs from mannequins...but are they all mannequins?

On Saturday June 24th, Zhu will be hosting his Blacklizt party, where we can only imagine more new music will be heard. The event will take place at an undisclosed location in New York. Despite the vague venue info, tickets are on sale now and the event will run from 10pm - 4am. The dress code? All black everything of course. To get your tickets follow the link.

. In the mean time, check out the creepy black and white music video for Intoxicate!