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See How The Magic Happens with Ever After Music Festival Founder Gabriel Mattacchione [INTERVIEW]

We're already counting down the seconds until we head on up to Kitchener, Ontario for one of the biggest festivals of the year! With three days packed with some of the biggest artists in EDM and more activities then you can even imagine, Ever After Music Festival is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with! We got to ask Ever After founder Gabriel Mattacchione some questions and take a deeper look inside Canada's most magical weekend.

When lineups feature days packed with triple-A acts, most people immediately think big cities Chicago, or New York, with that being said, what drew you to Kitchener?

Kitchener was somewhat of a hidden treasure for us to find. When in search for a venue that suited where we wanted to take the EA brand, the Bingemans venue was the only one that offered features and assets that no other venue in any big city could accommodate. We focus our efforts on the experience we give an EA adventurer, and things like a massive waterpark, camping, a full midway carnival, and all the games and food you can imagine, there was no better suited place to call home for EA than Bingemans in Kitchener.

This years lineup tends to showcase more bass/dubstep artists as opposed to house or techno, what was the process in choosing this lineup?

Beyond Oz Productions talent division is filled with passionate, open minded music enthusiasts. Our team, including myself, spend months curating and deciding on who we want to hit our stages. We also have a dedicated team that truly listens and tries to give our dedicated audience and fans what they want. So, between a mixture of our passionate music lovers, and an injection of listening to the people that are going to be there, we come up with what we truly believe to be the best lineup year after year in the country.

Has music always been a big part of your life? What led up to the decision to start your own music festival?

Growing up music was always a thing of daily activity in my life. From having a wake up song, to having a different playlist for different times of the day. Music is powerful, and can move and empower people in the most beautiful ways. That’s something I’ve always wanted to be apart of. I was once a music festival attendee, going to different festivals for pleasure rather than business as I do now. Attending so many festivals as a patron, I believe I got to experience first hand what exactly was wrong with certain aspects of an attendees experience while at the festival. I’ve been trying, since EA’s conception, to solve these issues and truly create the best experience for every adventurer! I’m still learning how to do this as every year passes!

What advice or tips would you give a first time Ever After attendee?

The only advice you would need as a first time Ever After attendee would be to prepare for an experience you will never forget, regardless if your favorite act is on the stage or not, there is something to do for everyone! This is your weekend getaway from everyday stresses, so treat it as such and be safe and enjoy! Come to play, relax, and party.

It’s very apparent that Ever After is a unique festival experience, in your own words how does Ever After stand out from other music festivals?

Ever After stands out with leaps and bounds from any other music festival because of what a ticket provides you. This is no longer a ticket to see an artist you love, but rather a ticket to a mini vacation, a getaway from every day life. Whether you want to splash around in our waterpark and wave pool, feel like a kid again on one of our carnival rides, stuff your face with foods from around the world, or relax in your camp site, Ever After has everything you need. We believe, we are on a pathway to make this a destination festival for worldwide travelers, we’re seeing it this year with purchases from places as far as Europe! There’s nothing you can’t do to have fun at EA whether electronic music is what you love or not. It’s a fairytale land that you must explore!

The festival has already grown so much since the first year, what’s next for Ever After? Any big plans in the works?

Every year there is something new in the pipeline for Ever After, this year and the following years are no different. I can’t give away too much, that would just ruin the surprise! I can assure you that you will want to be apart of this ride to see what we have in store for all of our fans for years to come. Expansion is our key thought process behind every decision, so we’re going to continue to grow! We have just begun.

We know you’ll be working hard all weekend, but if you magically had time to see a whole set, which artist would you choose?

With so many talented artists on this year’s roster its so hard to just choose one, so I wont! If I magically could escape the chaos I would choose to see Bassnectar, Excision, Trampa, our crazy triple threat b2b2b (12th Planet, Cookie Monsta, FuntCase) and of course I wouldn’t be able to miss the diversity injection of Daniel Portman.

How did you come up with the name and theme for Ever After?

Ever After almost named itself after we decided the best theme to go along with an experience getaway would be a fantasy one!

As an insider in the industry, what do you think the state of EDM is in 2017?

I think EDM, just like any other industry, has its ups and downs. Speaking for my region specifically (Waterloo) it is most definitely in incline. We’re experiencing growing numbers year after year so that only tells us EDM still has its flare as long as its brought to the right place.

Be sure to check out the official 2016 after-movie and full lineup poster below and let us know if we'll see you in June!

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