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30 Life Hacks for This Festival Season Courtesy of MrHairyBrit

At this point, festival season is well underway. Whether you’re already three back to back festivals deep this year, or you’re a festival virgin such as myself (until Paradiso in June) we can all benefit from some helpful tips and tricks for entering the brave new world of music festival camping.

YouTube vlogger MrHairyBrit has taken it upon himself and his infinite festival wisdom to make a video about some things you may not be thinking about. I know that for my trip to the Gorge this year I’ll be needing several things that I still don’t have, and MrHairyBrit has given me some suggestions that I’ll definitely be taking.

Check the video out for yourself and let us know if you already knew all of these or if you learned something useful. I definitely will not be taking a pillow with me to Paradiso.

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Will Shuttleworth Contributing Writer

Here in Boise we might not have the biggest scene, but we can rage with the best of em. If I'm not throwing lights/raging at an event I'm probably snowboarding.