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Well Known DJ and Production School Accused of Fraud After Student Complaints

In the age of music being produced and distributed on computers, it’s only natural that institutions would pop up that would teach these kinds of skills to people. While certain Universities and Trade schools have always offered some sort of audio production program, other institutions have emerged that specify in learning music production, live sound and DJ’ing.

Amongst these institutions is New York based school, Dubspot. With over 280,000 Youtube subscribers and 140,000 + Facebook likes, Dubspot has garnered a loyal online following thanks to their music production and DJ tutorials. While the school has developed a strong following in the producer community, that reputation may soon be scarred permanently.

As first reported by Thump, over 50 students have accused the school and its CEO, Dan Giove, of fraud. According to emails obtained by Thump, these students allege that they paid for classes that were never delivered to them. To make it worse, some of the students were not able to receive refunds after the classes they paid for weren’t delivered to them. Another accusation from these students is that classes were often rescheduled and in some cases, the instructor teaching the class didn’t even show at all.

Speaking of instructors, the school has also been accused of not paying their instructors for their work with the school. Mike Henderson (DJ Endo) recently quit instructing at the school due to delayed payment. He told Thump that Giove gave him equipment as a consolation for missed payments and commissions. This could be a reason why the school had an issue with instructors skipping class. If they weren’t being fairly compensated for their work, why would they hold up their end of the bargain and teach? Clearly, the school has no shortage of drama.

Finally, there are complaints about the facilities at the school itself. Despite the school accepting money from new students, both of Dubspot’s physical locations in NYC and Los Angeles have closed down. No announcement from Giove has been made regarding these closures. The fact that the company is still accepting money (as of April 2017) but closed the physical locations of the school with no notice is very troubling.

With all of this information in mind, it’s hard not to be pessimistic about the school’s main objectives and their future as a credible music program. Hopefully all of the victims in this situation get a fair resolution and that the school is held accountable for their actions. Perhaps the moral of the story is, be very thorough and selective with how you learn these skills. In an age where information like music production and DJ’ing can be found with a simple google search, we must be aware that the market for companies offering to teach these kinds of skills can be saturated. We must make sure that the sources we’re learning from are not only reliable, but credible in the skills that they teach. Time will tell how this shakes out for Dubspot but considering what we know about the situation, things don’t look good for the school.

H/T: Thump