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Learn How Jordan Young Mixed “Closer” by The Chainsmokers [WATCH]

When a song is released everyone is obsessed with how good the vocals are or how good the drop is, but what a lot of people except the producers doesn’t really care about is, how actually the track was made to sound so good. Over time we producers develop ears to analyze tracks we’re obsessed with and often say “that snare is so punchy”or “how’d he get his master so loud ”. The amount of insights that we can get if we had the chance to see how it was actually done, is beyond comparable.

Now, “Closer” by “The Chainsmokers” is without a doubt, one of their biggest tracks. But what actually went except the songwriting process that makes it so good? Well it’s how the track is mixed and how every elements has its own timing and space to breathe. The track is mixed by Jordan Young aka. DJ Swivel and what's more exciting is that there is a whole video out, of him explaining his mixing process for the song.

Before we move forward, let's get to know who actually is Jordan Young? Born, December 14, 1984, Jordan is a Grammy winning Canadian music producer and mixing engineer who has worked with the biggest names in the industry including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West etc. He’s the co-founder of SKIO Music and Headliner Magazine. He also has a Grammy in his hands which he won for Best Dance Recording for Mixing “Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers”. In addition he’s also a Full Sail University Hall Of Fame graduate. To check out all of his work, click here.

Now coming back to the 1 hour 45 minute video, Jordan starts off by telling about his history in the music industry, how he got in, whom he worked for and how he got his first break. At 14 minute mark he opens his mix session in Pro Tools and gives a walkthrough for each and every element. At the end he also took some questions from the audience regarding the song, his mixing process and what were the contributions from different parties in the song Closer. This is a great video for producers and mixers in general as it gives a lot of insights on how the industry leaders approach their songs and mixes, which can offer a great value to the up and comers and those who gets stuck in the mixing process. We hope this video inspired and motivated you in some way or the other. So take some tips from this and use them in your own project.

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