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EDM.com Spotlight

Um.. is an Act to Watch After Selling Out Shaky Beats' Afterparty at Aisle 5

The palate for experimental electronic music has expanded to appreciate more wonky, chemically-imbalanced bass music. The caveat is that it must be danceable. If it's weird and goes hard, people are down to jam.

Um.. has been spearheading the movement of experimental EDM with their offset branch of heavy hitting bass tracks. Blending hip-hop and metal drum patterns with a distinct use of tonal 808 subs complemented by glitchy, circuit bending, malfunctioning synth lines, Um.. has the unique ability to weave chaotic surrealism into an enjoyable, digestible format. Their live sets are ravenous.

Um.. (dot-dot) spun the electronic equivalent to a metal show at the Aisle 5 afterparty to Shaky Beats. Those who attended were subjected to mind warping bass music that stretched and pixelated until the whole crowd became psychotic. There were mosh pits, tons of head banging wooks, and an inexhaustible amount of metallic dub filth. Gritty sawtooths cut through the crowd. Fuzzy swisher basses sloshed as wicked, beat up hip-hop drum kits skidded along to the triangular filter waves that wobbled sound pressure through the high energy venue in Little 5 Points. Um.. had the club at max capacity and earned the immediate respect of Atlanta’s bass community.

Um.. is a devilish duo comprised of Dylan Gold and Ben Bruce, evil genius’ with a taste for the obscure. These two have been breaking the mold and pushing the limits of the experimental spectrum since forming Um.. in 2014. Their philosophy on most everything is not to take anything too seriously, leading the pack through nonchalance. “We don't want people to take everything so seriously,” said Ben shortly after the concert ended. Dylan laughed at the notion and said, “We’re not one of those artists that thinks our EDM is gonna save the world.”

In preparation for their upcoming set at Shambala this year, Um.. released a 30-minute mix of obscurity, featured below. They secretly hinted at releasing a collaborative EP project with multiple artists playing on their stage at Shambala.

With experimentation at the heart of the project, it is likely that they will explore music genres not yet in their repertoire. Can't release names as of yet, but it looks like there's gonna be some fourth or fifth-level filth coming out of their SoundCloud soon, and that's something every bass head can look forward to.