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Techno Icon Jeff Mills Receives France's High Honor for Cultural Contribution

France takes great pride in it's cultural influence on the world. From its language, to fashion, to art, and beyond, there are few nations that take culture more seriously than France.

So for Detroit-native and legendary techno producer, Jeff Mills, to receive France's second highest honor from the Order of Arts and Letters for cultural contribution is of no small significance. Jeff Mills, has long been a major figure in the rise of electronic music for his visionary concepts. From being a founding member of Underground Resistance, to performing techno sets with philharmonic symphonies, to his most recent concept album Free Fall Galaxy, Jeff Mills is often credited for pushing the boundaries of electronic music to be much more than just simply mechanical sounds, but in fact, art.

This is not the first time that Jeff Mills has been honored by the French government. In 2007, Mills was awarded the honor of Knight, the lowest of the Order of Arts and Letters three rankings. Now, Mills has been promoted to the order of Officer, the second highest honor that France bestows on individuals for cultural contributions.

Elton John, Pharrell Williams, and Tim Burton are other notable figures who have previously received this honor.

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Cover photo courtesy of Jacob Khrist