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EDM.com Spotlight

Fifty Years Later Moog is Re-Releasing One of its Most Iconic Synths

Moog, the company behind the invention of the synthesizer, has announced the reproduction of the legendary Moog Synthesizer IIIc.

We haven’t seen a new one of these made in fifty years, and boy, would we love to get our hands on one.

Using all the original designs and building process, these new models will be created the same way they were fifty years ago. As described on the Moog website

"...Each instrument features thirty-six hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules, including ten 901-Series audio oscillators, the 984 Matrix Mixer, and the 905 Spring Reverb. All modules are securely mounted into two hand-finished, solid walnut console cabinets at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC."

Dr. Robert Moog and his partners helped create the most popular instrument for EDM music in the 1960’s and we are forever indebted to him. As the website describes, in 1967 the Moog team was making the first synthesizers by hand in his small shop.

Be sure to check out the video of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc and see if you can get your hands on one! They’re only making 25, so find your synth plug fast!