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EDM.com Spotlight

Don't Forget that Music Theory is a Major Key to Your Production

Many of you are producers, composers, or musicians in general. Our inventive music that we make on a weekly basis is something we don’t take lightly. Countless hours of hard work and hundreds or thousands of dollars were spent on honing our craft and creating our niche. As important as cultivating our production techniques and our mixing know-how is, we can’t discount one of the very basic principles of music in general: music theory.

Through the years after talking to many DJs and producers, I have heard an overwhelming amount saying that music theory is not necessary. Many of the musicians simply use their ear. Although this is a viable solution for some, fishing around for the right note constantly slows the creative process and in general makes producing frustrating. One of the main reasons of music theory is needed is the purpose of gaining the tools you need for production. These tools include key principles such as scales, harmony, layering, and chords.

These, of course, are just the basics, they reveal the most simple songwriting methods. Even as simple as they are, basic music theory displays best practices and typical structure. If anyone was to chase music theory further down the road, they would realize that the tools that music theory greatly increases the sonic possibilities in the musicality and originality of tracks.

In the very basics of music theory, one thing that is commonly used to easily learn the basics is called the Circle of Fifths. In order to learn how this cryptic chart works, here is a short video that can help explain it!