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EDM.com Spotlight

Alix Perez's Sound Design Shines in the New Era of DnB

Alix Perez is a name synonymous with groundbreaking and progressive sound design.

Not only praised as a new era Drum & Bass don, the Belgium-born and now London-based DJ/Producer has garnered respect outside the singular confines of any genre label. Finding home in the musical-metropolis of the UK’s capital, Alix Perez’s breakbeat-bending prowess is bubbling to the top.

Most recently in April, he released a moody 4-track DnB EP, Synergy, in tandem with the electronic duo Spectrasoul. The releases follows his 2017 North American tour with SHADES (a powerful collab project featuring Alix Perez + Eprom) and Ivy Lab, a London supergroup of producers whom Alix has also collaborated with at length.

A brief taste of notable releases includes Arkestra EP (a 2016 joint project with Ivy Lab) and the Shades EP with Eprom in 2015. But Alix has been dropping tunes for a decade-plus.

Alix released his debut album 1984 through Shogun Audio in 2009 to critical acclaim, a project preceded by a long string of DnB singles and collaborations.

In 2013 Alix dropped a highly-praised mix on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, the same year he made his second Shogun release, Chroma Chords. Prior to which, Alix dropped another handful of tunes, including the Dark Days EP (2010) which incorporated heavy wobbles and featured the UK hip-hop group Foreign Beggars.

Moving from sample-based DnB stylings in his earlier releases to composing more organically produced, brooding halftime tempo beats, Alix has made (hi-fidelity) waves throughout his whole career.

A distinctively crisp and fine-tuned audio quality laces every sound on his tracks, and despite variations in style over the years, certain characteristics remain consistently apparent.

A self-described eclectic, Alix Perez has made the jump from artist to label owner, starting his own imprint, 1985 Music. Releases so far have included the 2016 projects Numbers, Better To Reign In Hell Than To Serve In Heaven (in tandem with Eprom), Ghosts, Elephant Dreams, along with Synergy last month.

His sound stays dynamically impactful, with percussive elements and powerful synth chords molding intricately-layered halftime beats that provide a unique combination of liquid funk and, at times, resounding darkness. His alias ARP 101 is a slightly more upbeat approach to this same audio production.

Alix also released U (2014, featuring Rashad & Spinn), Recall and Reflect (2015) and Without a Trace (2017, with Skeptical) on Exit Records. In 2016 he released Power of Two with Eprom.

Find Alix Perez this summer at Batler Festival, Detonate, Paradiso, Bass Coast, Liquicity, Boomtown Fair, Audioriver. Tickets available here.