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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out How Romanus Records is Putting a New Creative 'Spin' on Vinyl Records

Back in the day, vinyl records were the newest and most advanced way of listening to music. Though innovative, they were quite simple. Nothing more than a black disc adorned with a sticker to identify what was engraved in it.

As times changed and technology improved the format lost its crown to cassettes, CDs, digital mp3s, and many other formats. Nowadays children don’t even know what a vinyl record looks like, and are terribly unimpressed when they see one.

record label named Romanus Records could very well change that. Romanus Records are revitalizing the obsolete format by cramming outrageously unique objects inside the record itself. Imagine holding a record comprised of dinosaur bones, or maybe one filled with dead bugs.

“It’s such an open-ended artistic format, with endless possibilities,” says Romanus Records CEO Chris Banta.

If you want more details on the project you can go to their website and view all of their creations and experiments.

H/T: Electronic Beats