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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaiserdisco and Karotte Release Their EP “Knocking Echoes” [LISTEN]

Kaiserdisco and Karotte have decided to bring their creative minds together to bring us the Knocking Echoes EP. This project arose through an unexpected run in at a “The Fantastic Four” concert in Hamburg; the three began to talk and decided to collaborate in a studio session. Though that session, ideas blossomed and we now have this EP for techno fans to enjoy all around the world.

After having their first release back in 2015 with a remix of “Mutate” followed by the Trinity EP later that year and a remix on Christian’s album in 2016, it’s safe to say that the German based duo Kaiserdisco are no stranger to Tronic. Karotte on the other hand hasn’t released an EP in 5 years, this collaboration is great news for any of his die hard fans.

After the first 5 seconds of listening to the track “Knocking Echoes”, the bassline already grabbed me in. The various ambient noises that fill the song really give it a nice flavor and show the diversity in production skills from everyone featured on the project.

The second track on the EP “Mauve” has a bassline that’s just as addicting as it’s counterpart “Knocking Echos”. The kick drives hard and is sure to get the crowd moving while the synth line gives the whole song a mysterious vibe.

Check out the whole EP in the link below.

Kaiserdisco and Karotte also released a video for "Knocking Echoes" presented by Blank Mind production, playing stylistic homage to notable Hong Kong, Wong Kar Wei. Check it out below!

Cover photo courtesy of Mixmag Germany