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Armin van Buuren Responds to Plagiarism Claims by Underground Resistance for 'U R' Logo

If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's disrespect the legendary techno collective Underground Resistance.

But that's how members of the capitalist Detroit collective felt after seeing a similar design to their well-known UR logo plastered on Armin van Buuren's design for his new Ibiza concept.

(A recent design of Underground Resistance's bold and iconic UR logo)

(Armin van Buuren's new U R concept for his residency at Hï Ibiza)

Underground Resistance, a politically active, grassroots collective originally founded my "Mad" Mike Banks, Jeff Mills, and later Robert Hood, has held the bold aesthetic since it's early beginnings in 1989.

A member of Underground Resistance took to Facebook to give a warning to "those who steal culture."

After hearing the news of the alleged theft, Armin van Buuren made a statement saying that he was unaware of the similarities in branding. In his statement, Armin makes it clear that 'U R' came from an earlier concept of his born in 2003 called "Universal Religion" and that the logo and brand had been a custom design.

He also mentions, that despite the allegations, Armin will continue to use the brand for his new residency at Hï Ibiza.

"I would like to start off by saying how unfortunate and unpleasant this situation is for everyone involved. My team, the team of Hï/Ushuaïa and myself were not aware of the similarities between our logo and the logo of Underground Resistance. Originally, UR – the name of the new event through which I’ll perform in Ibiza every week – is derived from Universal Religion, an older but nonetheless known Armin van Buuren concept. The logo, which consists of a custom-made font and frame, was designed to conform with the Armin van Buuren brand. After careful deliberation, my team, the team of Hï/Ushuaïa and myself have decided to keep the name UR as it is and to adjust the symbol. I trust that media, fans and Underground Resistance will be able to understand this decision."

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H/T: Mixmag