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EDM.com Spotlight

Odesza Keeps us On the Edge of Our Seats By Teasing Unreleased ID [WATCH]

We have been aching for new music from the indietronica powerhouse Odesza since they smashed the scene with In Return in 2014. Known for their ethereal-sounding, vocaloid-based tracks, the electropop duo is slowly, but surely dropping hints at a new album. Odesza have been poking at a new album since tweeting so over a year ago and at last released two vibey singles, “Late Night” and “Line of Sight” in late April, to mixed reviews.

Now they’re IDing more. On tour at a show in Boise, ID, the pair added an unreleased song to their mix. The track recalls that classic Odesza sound, heavenly, synth-driven and carried by a graceful female vocal.

Be sure to be on the watch for an official release of the ID and any more information regarding an album drop.

Odesza is also playing at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado this weekend, so there are likely more unreleased heaters and Odesza news coming soon!

H/T: Stoney Roads