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EDM.com Spotlight

Roland Announces Huge Product Launch Event for the Month of June

Japanese music technology company Roland has announced the release of at least 14 new products throughout the month of June. Through an internet based “New Product Stream,” the company, along with subsidiaries Boss, Roland Cloud and V-Moda, will launch a series of new products on their scheduled release days.

May 26th, the first day of the stream, will feature four percussion related products. A week later on June 1st there will be a mix of guitar and pro-video products.

The June 20th release date will feature two Roland Synthesizers. As the company has provided no supplementary information, all prospects for the release are purely speculation. The last major synth release by Roland featured two Boutique series reissues: the TB-303 and TR-909. Both of these synths were re-engineered to fit into a more compact, modern format.

While we could see a new (possibly compact) TR-808 in this release, the possibilities go even further in the software realm. Roland’s all-digital AIRA line could witness a release during this event, as the soft-synth market expands.

Finally, by Tweeting #rolandTFR you can interact with Roland’s product developers on the days of release.

H/T: Fact Mag