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EDM.com Spotlight

Hans Zimmer vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike? No Contest. [LISTEN]

Perhaps wondering where else they can apply their signature big room style in a way that will attract more followers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike recently gave themselves the task to remix the forever identifiable Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, “He’s A Pirate. From the sound of it, this will be interesting to say the least.

For the most part, it’s always a treat to report on big electronic music figures like Vegas and Mike and their remixing endeavors. However, what they’ve presented with this remix of “He’s A Pirate,” isn’t really worth writing home about. The 57 second preview that was uploaded on YouTube (and shared below) tells us something important. Some artists’ work just isn’t meant to be remixed, redone, or rearranged in any way. Hans Zimmer is a prime example of this.

Zimmer’s compositions are intricate. His arrangements and orchestrations are deliberate. There aren’t any predictable drops. Instead it is composed in such a way that it flows and the “builds” in the music are naturally present and not forced. To replace all of these things with a few bright, big room synths and some MIDI drums/claps is an insult to the original work and its musicality. That’s not to say that Vegas and Mike are musically inept, some may argue otherwise but they’ve shown that they can produce entertaining original work, however the idea that they could take something like the work of Hans Zimmer and try to apply it to a sub-genre that can be at times rigid and formulaic, is misguided and maybe even foolish.

It all makes sense though that in light of the new Pirates movie coming out tomorrow, that someone in the EDM community would attempt a remix of the theme song but to no avail. Perhaps some of you will enjoy what Vegas and Mike have whipped together and perhaps some of you may not. Just keep in mind what was said and figure it out for yourself. Is there just some original compositions out there that shouldn’t be messed with? Feel free to check out the preview below and let us know what you think in the comments.

H/T: YourEDM