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Max Freegrant On His Breathtaking New Album ‘Wonderful Life’ [REVIEW]

Combining his passion and facile talent for electronic music, Ukrainian trance and house producer Max Freegrant has yet again dominated the hearts of his fans with his newest LP release Wonderful Life.

Through the loss of his father and recent hardships taking a devastating hit on his personal life, Max has learned to overcome his struggles and channel all of his positivity into this magnificent collection of exhilarating beats. No matter what challenges life throws, Wonderful Life is here to remind us all that light will always shine through our darkest struggles.

The captivating album was recently released May 12th on his label Freegrant Music and consists of a variety of dance, trance and house genre tracks. Following huge support from Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren and many more big names, it took him two years and a commendable work ethic for him to complete such a complex 17-track project. But according to Max, “All tracks of the album are written with soul and with all my heart. In every song, I passed my emotions for a certain period of time”.

Kicking off the album strong, Max surely wins over emotional support by disarming the guard of every listener with his irresistible dance track ‘Arrow’ and raises the vibes by setting the tone with his pièce de résistance song "Wonderful Life." Prepare for waves of joy and euphoria as they steal the spotlight with songs like "Slippin Away" and "A Million Smiles." Trance masterpieces like "Space Odyssey" and "Titans’ will only intensify the listeners euphoria while techno wobbles of "Acid Drums In Your Face"simultaneously showcase the diversity of synths and sounds that Max is capable of strategically blending together. And while "Fall In Love" helps mellow the journey to appreciate the beauty of deep EDM sounds, "Ronin" will bring those chill-tempo vibes effortlessly back into a lively and buoyant experience. Whether you're looking for chill-tempo vibes or party-worthy tracks of high energy and emotion, Wonderful Life is an LP filled with positive vibes that will surely fail to disappoint even the most fastidious trance and house enthusiast.

Max Freegrant started producing music in 2008 and has never looked back since. With a love for electronic rhythms and energetic melodies, Max has taken his inspiration from Steve Angello, Mark Knight, and Phunk Investigation and touched heights that many EDM producers only fantasize about. It wasn’t until 2012 that he fell in love with the styles of Jerome Isma-Ae and Eric Prydz; sparking his love for progressive house and trance music. He has been featured on popular radio shows like Toolroom and Tiesto Club Life and has even gotten the opportunity to guest mix several times on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy. Along with more than 200 releases and support from big-time producers like Sebastian Krieg, Paul van Dyk, and Above & Beyond, it is only a matter of time until he reaches his next big breakthrough in the electronic music scene.

Now with his recent release of ‘Wonderful Life’, Max is here to show everyone what his optimism and deepest ambitions are capable of achieving, even if life brings on hardship. No matter if it is trance, progressive house or techno that you are into, this LP will have something you are sure to enjoy. After asking what had inspired him to make the album, Max responded by saying “This album means a lot to me. This is the longest and most complex project I’ve been working on for 2 years. During this time I lost my my father, suffered many failures and had to rethink my whole life. All tracks of the album are written with a soul and with all my heart. In every song, I passed my emotions for a certain period of time”.

Check out the full album preview of ‘Wonderful Life’ here or your favorite major music streaming service and see for yourself what his latest masterpiece is all about.

Wonderful Life Tracklist:

1. Max Freegrant & Bryn Liedl ft. Mike Schmid – Arrow (Album Mix)

2. Max Freegrant - Wonderful Life (Original Mix)

3. Max Freegrant & Chris Willis - Slippin Away (Original Mix)

4. Max Freegrant - Titans (Original Mix)

5. Max Freegrant feat. Pryce Oliver - Shame (Original Mix)

6. Max Freegrant - Sands Of Time (Original Mix)

7. Max Freegrant feat. Brandon Hills - War Goes On (Original Mix)

8. Max Freegrant - Yura (Album Mix)

9. Max Freegrant - Fall In Love (Original Mix)

10. Max Freegrant - Ronin (Original Mix)

11. Max Freegrant - Acid Drums In Your Face (Original Mix)

12. Max Freegrant - Echo (Original Mix)

13. Max Freegrant - Crusade (Original Mix)

14. Max Freegrant - Ice & Fire (Original Mix)

15. Max Freegrant - Space Odyssey (Original Mix)

16. Max Freegrant - A Million Smiles (Original Mix)

17. Max Freegrant feat. Tim Hilberts - Fingerprints (Album Mix)

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