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EDM.com Spotlight

Be the Master of Your Own Music - Which Method Do You Use?

Blood, sweat, tears, and of course, money go into our music. Countless all nighters contribute to our story that we tell through music. We hand craft every sample, design every sound, and bring the mix to life. Yet, something is still missing, right? Of course, mastering!

Mastering is a dark art many don’t know. Its mysticism evades our understanding. Although we can all understand that is is a necessary step that we need to release our songs! It makes the song radio ready and we have to be sure it’s done right and with our pocketbooks in mind. There are many alternatives with our technical advances but that doesn’t mean just anyone can do it. So what are the options?

Outside Mastering

There are many sites where you can get your mastering done for cheap, whether it be freelancers, classmates, acquaintances, or automated mastering services. Many don’t do it right or professionally with the necessary equipment or experience. However, there are places online and on-site that will master your music for you. These professionals have experience and are well versed in this area but the downside is these services are costly.


Many audio engineers and industry professionals cringe at this choice. It is a widely accepted truth that self-mastering is a big mistake. Nonetheless, there are ways to do this more efficiently and with better results than asking an automated service. Many people who do mastering on the lower side of cost go to the famed, Ozone by Izotope to complete their music or possibly a combination of Fabfilter products. Realistically, anyone can utilize mastering plugins often included in DAWs with a drawback of detail.


Mastering is an art and costs a little bit of money depending on how much your music is worth. Outside professional studios have advanced techniques and tricks that often evade the less experienced. Often times these prove to be the best options. If self mastering is a must and there is no way around it, there are somewhat acceptable choices.

Have you ever tried mastering your own music? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!