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EDM.com Spotlight

Secret Methods Your Friends are Using to Get into Music Festivals for Free

We all have that one friend who manages to attend every major music festival year after year after year. How on earth can they afford to go to multiple music festivals and still have money left over for food and rent? What kind of voodoo financing are these people doing? I’ll tell you.

Camping festivals in particular can be either relatively affordable or completely unfundable depending on the cost of the tickets. Just having enough money for food and water can put financial strain on your bank account. Not to mention the cost of travel, and something always goes wrong during a trip, some unexpected expenditure that eats into your limited funds. It's a wonder that some people can afford to go to music festivals at all. But there’s a better way.

Well this one simple life hack will get you into any music festival you want for free, and it's so simple I'm surprised more people aren't doing it. Before I divulge the “secret method your friends are using to get into music festivals for free,” let me tell you the WRONG WAY to get into music festivals.

A pathetic way that a select few selfish individuals in the community have been using to gain unlawful access to festivals without paying for nor earning their ticket

Not to sound like Donald Trump, but people who jump the fence at music festivals really suck at life. They’re thieves. They’re stealing an extraordinary experience that costs hundreds of thousands to several millions of dollars to produce. Think about how much it costs to set up all the lights and the staging and the speaker system and power generators, all the staff and security and basic amenities. Not to mention the cost of hiring the musicians, renting out a plot of land big enough to host thousands of people, and so many other unrealized expenses that the typical fan doesn't even realize. The price tag on making a festival happen in the first place is an enormous burden, much more financially taxing than a couple hundred dollars for a 3-day wristband.

Sneaking in doesn’t just affect the festival promoters, it affects the artists. Before Napster virtually ruined the record industry, people actually paid for music. That doesn’t happen anymore, especially in electronic music. Most would say that the influence of electronic music is growing, but last year Beatport reported a $7.5 million hit in revenue. For many artists, concerts are their main source of income. Sneaking into music festivals is a theft of pleasure from the musicians that make these events worth the price of a VIP wristband.

There must be a better economic solution for everyone to experience the wonderful, loving atmosphere of a music festival, even on a budget. Lucky for you, I’ve cracked the code:

There’s tons of simple ways to earn a free ticket. All you’ve got to do is lend a helping hand. Do something that benefits the festival. Work for the festival or one of the vendors, join a blog or take photos for a press pass, volunteer at the first aid station, or even just volunteer in general. There are tons of opportunities that are available so you can get a free all access pass to pretty much any festival you apply to, plus you'll be benefitting the music scene that you love so much.

Who knows? You might even get to meet some of your favorite music acts