EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Get to Know Future Beats, Eclectic Soul, and Forgotten Gems with Handpicked Tracks from Soulection

Since it was founded in 2011, Soulection has proved to be one of the most special labels on SoundCloud.

In the internet era, we’ve seen independent labels blossom from every corner of the globe, each bringing their own flavor and style to the ever changing music scene, but very few are able to reach the same caliber and following scene from Soulection. Its artists have created a revolution amongst electronic music producers, promoting a genre free generation of tunes all the while incorporating elements of R&B, jazz, and future bass. Each of the songs chosen for this list will show the talent and creativity that label's roster holds.

Monte Booker & Naji - Mona Lisa

I’ve probably listened to this song about 500 times in total since the day it was released and it still hasn’t gotten old. This song is timeless and a true depiction of Booker’s production talent.

Jarreau Vandal - Essence

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jarreau Vandal incorporates elements of house music and R&B to create a funky vibe that fits right into my image the Soulection sound. This is a tune that any Kaytranada fans would enjoy.

Sam Gellaitry X Connor Pearson - The Seems

Sam Gellaitry is easily one of the most talented producers in the game right now in terms of his creativity. This track is very different from his more recent releases but, to this day it is still one of my favorite tracks by the 19 year old virtuoso.

Sango - Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife (Feat. SPZRKT)

Sango has successfully been able to combine elements of Brazilian funk music, R&B, and hip hop all while still keeping the same “vibe” we get from Soulection artists. His songs are great for dancing and casual listening alike, appealing to a very wide audience which easily explains all the growth he has seen over the past few years.

Mr. Carmack - Pay For What

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this song dropped into a live set but that doesn’t come without good reason. This tune slaps like no other and really helped push forward the trap scene that is growing more and more everyday.

DKVPZ - Bonde Do Neo Soul

Similarly to Sango, the Brazilian duo DKVPZ incorporates element of funk music with a bouncy bassline that is sure to get you moving.

ROM - You Love Em (feat. Emmavie)

Everything about this song is just beautiful. The vocals really fit perfectly with the production, making this one of my favorite songs released by ROM to date.

Lakim - Rent4

Ever since my 2014, Lakim has been on my artist watchlist. Each one of his tracks is so unique and “Rent4” is just one of the countless great tunes that Lakim has put out of the years. I’d be sure to check out more of him if you enjoy this.

Da-P & Mars Today - No More

This is probably one of the more downtempo songs I chose but don’t let that scare you; “No More” is the perfect tune for someone suffering from a broken heart.

Mura Masa - Hustleblood

Most people probably didn’t know that the young prodigy Mura Masa had some of his first releases on Soulection. This is one track that is very different from the content he releases today. By incorporating similar trap elements used by producers such as Baauer, Hudson Mohawke, and Lunice, Hustleblood shows a new side of Mura Masa that most of his recent followers don’t know about .