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EDM.com Spotlight

What do Superstar DJ’s do in their Free Time? Prank Each Other.

Living the life of a mega-famous DJ definitely has it’s perks, you get to play sold out shows, create loyal fan-bases, and make friendships with tons of other extraordinary artists along the way.

But do you ever wonder what they like to do on break?

In a video posted to Instagram, Sebastian Ingrosso & Axwell show one of the things they do during down time with their DJ friends, prank each other.

Seen below, as Axwell & Ingrosso convince Martin Garrix to put both of his hands in his shirt. Garrix complies, falling right into the trap of their silly games. This video serves for a good laugh, and really just shows some “dudes being dudes”.

Check it out below!

😂 @martingarrix @axwell

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H/T: Billboard