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EDM.com Spotlight

Channel Your Inner Björk at Home With Her Entire Catalog of Sheet Music

Have you ever wanted to play the piano, organ, or maybe even the harpsichord?

Well now is the perfect time to learn, Björk revealed she will be releasing a career-spanning book of sheet music.

Expect your favorite songs like "Cover Me" from her 1995 album Post, as well as other favorites like "The Anchor Song" from Debut, "Aurora" from Vespertine, and many more.

The book is titled 34 Scores and has been in production for a little over six years. 34 Scores will be released on June 5th, 2017 through Wise Publication, however it will be available exclusively at the Björk Digital Exhibition in Los Angeles from May 19th - June 4th.

With all the excitement of the book release, Björk will be teaming up with 32 string players to perform various selections from 34 Scores at Walt Disney Concert Hall on May 30th.

Be one of the lucky few get your copy of the book, and learn to play like one of the greatest!