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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Changes Lanes by Signing with Next Models

Diplo the model?!

We can agree that Diplo, at 38, is a handsome devil and takes quite good care of his physique. That being said, we wouldn't have expected that he has just signed a contract with Next Models!

As a DJ/Producer, Diplo has evolved into a major player in the electronic scene. He shares his work with high profile names such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Justin Bieber and even is apart of a reggae electronic group Major Lazer. He also has his own record label called Mad Decent, which has also grown into its own traveling festival called Mad Decent Block Party.

Oh and did we also mention he is a father of two?


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It is evident Diplo has a lot under his belt, but that is not stopping him from continuously adding to the resume.

Faith Kates, founder of Next, spoke about adding Diplo to the company's roster:

[w]e, at Next Management, have a huge appreciation for those who use their gifts to affect culture in a positive way. As fashion is representative of the collision of all pop cultures, we are…confident that Diplo‘s insight into culture and prowess in music will resonate with brands.

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Yesterday, GQ recognized his dapper attire at the Met Gala - adding to the multitude of admiration he has received for his style. With 3.6 million Instagram followers and a plethora of selfies, we subliminally all knew this was destined for his future. Diplo, we are ready for your modeling debut!