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Catch Up on These 10 Essential Dirtybird Releases

Dirtybird, the name should be familiar with those who have any sort of knowledge of tech-house music.

For those who think I’m describing some sort of strange animal, chances are you usually stick to Spinnin’ and OWSLA as your labels of choice, so get ready.

If you are new to house music, I encourage you to listen to the whole song before coming to a conclusion on it. Don’t be that guy that only likes the song for the “heavy wub drop”; that’s not what this kind of music is about.

Go in with an open mind and most importantly, enjoy.

Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock

This song is what sparked my interest in Dirtybird a few years back and yes, in the drop the vocal sample you’re hearing is from “Drop It Like It’s Hot” so you already know that this song will thump. Keep in mind that this song is almost SEVEN years old...the Dirtybird guys are way ahead of the game to say the least.

Billy Kenny & Abby Jane - I Operate

I cannot stress how much I enjoy listening to all the different music that has been put out by Dirtybird over the years but “I Operate” has always been one of my favorites. A great tune to keep a party driving when the energy feels like it’s dying down a bit.

Kill Frenzy - All Night Long

“All Night Long” is edgy to say the least. The bassline, vocal, and synths all put together make for a nice twist on what you’d normally expect from a house track.

Shiba San - Okay

“Okay” is one of the more popular songs that has been released on the label and if you listen to a fair amount of house music there’s a strong possibility that this will sound strangely familiar. Shiba is just one of those producer/DJs who will never disappoint.

Secondcity & Tyler Rowe - I Enter

I could go on and on about my love for “I Enter” but long story short, hands down this is one of the coolest songs you’ll ever hear, ever. You’re welcome.

Claude VonStroke - Who’s Afraid of Detroit?

VonStroke is the mastermind behind Dirtybird records and the man who really started this whole movement. “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” is an iconic song to say the least and definitely an important one to the growth of Dirtybird’s name in it’s earliest stages. This track is now surprisingly 11 years old but still sounds like something that could’ve been released yesterday.

Born Dirty - Check Your Bell

This is a step back from what you’d normally expect from a house song but that’s exactly what Dirtybird artists are all about. They break barriers that others wouldn’t dare to cross in the production world and make something unique and timeless.

Justin Martin & Ardalan - Function Feat. PartyPatty

Any track with Justin and Ardalan together is bound for greatness and “Function” is no exception to that statement. It’s just one of those songs that will bring your night to another level.

Bruno Furlan - Line Five

Based in Brazil, Furlan brought something completely new to the house scene with his strange production methods and was a perfect fit for the Dirtybird family. “Line Five” is just a funky tune in general and really takes you on a journey.

Sage Armstrong & BOT - She Smokin

“She Smokin” reminds me a lot of Justin & Ardalan’s track “Function” in terms of what it can bring to the life of your party if the people there have half a brain and a good taste in music. If you play it for them and they don’t like it, it might be time for you to find some new friends.

I hope you all enjoyed these tracks because these guys are really making a big impact on the scene and are continuing to grow more as a collective and individual artists everyday.

If you think listening to them off of your headphones was good enough, I’d encourage you to head out to Dirtybird Campout on October 6th-8th to really immerse yourself in the collective experience that the Dirtybird family provides.

There ain’t no party like a Dirtybird party, simple as that!

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