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EDM.com Spotlight

HARD Summer Releases Highly Anticipated New Trailer for 2017 [WATCH]

Following the announcement of Hard Summer Music Festival’s lineup, the official trailer for the festival has released as well!

Gary Richards, better known as his stage name Destructo, has added yet another promotional trailer to this festivals ever extending videography. The trailer, just like years prior, features many of the most desirable acts that will be attending the festival. This year, it stars Destructo himself, as well as Party Favor, What So Not, DJ Snake, Kayzo, and Claude VonStroke. Many more artists are featured throughout the trailer, so keep an eye out!

The trailer focuses on an issue that’s plagued electronic music festivals since their inception: the lack of female performers. The festival has upped the ante from last year, expanding from four female performers to twenty-six.

Although the trailer may rub some viewers the wrong way (don't worry, that will be its own article) HARD Summer attempted to bring some humor to an issue that, to many, is a sensitive topic.

Do you think it worked?

Hard Summer is months away, but it’s never too early to get excited. Check out the full lineup and purchase tickets here.