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Vin Diesel Expects Grammy for His ‘Monster’ Track with Steve Aoki

We’re not quite sure where to begin with this, but apparently famous actor Vin Diesel has teamed up superstar DJ and producer Steve Aoki to record a song.

According to The Fast & Furious star, we should expect a ‘monster dance track’.

In his recent interview for the Los Angeles Times, the actor took the opportunity to video-call Aoki, so they announced they recorded something they called a ‘monster dance track’ featuring Diesel on vocals.

In Aoki’s words - "It’s going to blow people’s minds." Diesel also seemed to be happy with a song, saying to his assistant at one point that he’s about to get a Grammy before he gets an Oscar.

The song is not yet available, so we’ll have to wait before we can judge. Until then, here’s the video of Vin Diesel singing Tove Lo’s smashing hit ‘Habits (Stay High).’