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EDM.com Spotlight

Breaking the Mold – How Big Wild is Flipping the Script on Live EDM

Frequently, we attend festivals and see our favorite artists over and over again without a second thought. Yet, sometimes, it’s hard to dissect what makes each artist's set different. Sure, depending on who you see you’ll find yourself listening to a plethora of different genres, with a unique twist from each performer. However, you’ll also find yourself listening to the same tunes over and over again.

Think about it: how many times did you hear “Like a Bitch” at the last festival you went to? How about “Purple Lamborghini”?

As of this moment, the dance world is plagued with oversaturation. Fans hear and see the same things so many times, it’s surprising we’re not all bored with it yet. There are few who choose to break the mold, and do something different with their performances.

This series of articles is meant to address those who truly put a new spin on their performances, and are likely to be highlights for anyone who’s lucky enough to catch them live. While this might not be a list of your favorite DJs, it sure will give you something to think about this upcoming festival season. From stage production to live performance, it’ll all be covered.

First up is Jackson Stell, or better known by his stage name, Big Wild. One of the foremost acts that changes the game, Big Wild is, without a doubt, one of the most lively and engaging artists out there while on stage. His originality shines brightly through his tracks “Aftergold” and “I Just Wanna”, and his unique sound is remarkably identifiable in each one of his remixes.

However, the unique twist isn’t just about his sound. Big Wild stuns crowds at every show by playing his entire set live. Accompanied by a keyboard, drum pad, microphone, and his MacBook, Big Wild removes mixing and replaces it with a performance that’s absolutely unforgettable. While Big Wild didn’t pioneer this style of performance, he takes it to the next level with the pure energy he draws from the crowd. No matter the crowd, venue, or accompanying acts, Big Wild is there to play his best show for his fans and never disappoints.

Now that I’ve done my part and got you interested, catch Big Wild at Lightning in a Bottle, Firefly Music Festival, and What the Festival in the upcoming weeks. If those don’t work out for you, check the rest of his tour dates here. Don’t forget to check out all of his music on his SoundCloud.