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EDM.com Spotlight

4 Growing Imprints That Are Bringing the Best in Trap Talent

Trap has seen a real resurgence in 2017. It feels like for a time all trap kind of sounded the same. Thankfully that time is behind us now and artists new and old are releasing some of the best trap that’s ever existed. With all this talent on the rise, it didn’t feel right just to showcase a few artists, so here’s a few labels that are bringing the bangers on a regular basis.


Formed by the legend Brillz, Twonk has been in the making for years as a brand and as a movement. It’s only this year that we’ve finally seen the label side of things come together like everyone anticipated they would. The label favors hard, bouncy beats and their first mixtape features newcomers and old heads alike.


Elysian has been around since late 2014, so the label itself isn’t exactly brand new. What’s incredible about Elysian is their ability to get artists into the spotlight or give them a boost to hit their stride. Artists like Medasin, Fabian Mazur, Jordan Comolli; all artists that have a foothold in the scene now, have had a little help from Elysian.

Quality Goods Records

Another label from another trap god: UZ. Anyone who’s been listening to trap for awhile knows who UZ is. His label just turned a year old and it’s really starting to build some Momentum. Oski and newcomer Sumthin Sumthin are coming off new EPs that are uniquely refreshing yet still have the classic trap vibe that UZ helped bring into the spotlight years ago.

Lowly Palace

Lowly Palace has the broadest sound spectrum of all of the labels on the list. Constantly blurring the line between future bass and house, rarely going to one end of the spectrum completely, but always sounding powerful. Each track put out by the label feels like a journey. They stand out, they’re doing something a little different, and that’s why I think these guys are going to go far.