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EDM.com Spotlight

Aphex Twin Announces First Ever Festival Livestream Event

Aphex Twin is notorious for his meticulous announcement antics.

In 2014, a green blimp adorned with the Aphex Twin logo flew over the London skyline; the number ‘2014’ displayed prominently on the side left much to the imagination. Days later, the streets of New York City were mysteriously covered with the Aphex Twin logo. The eventual explanation for this intercontinental ad-campaign was the announcement of his first album in 13 years, SYRO.

While today’s announcement is far less exquisite than that of an album release, fans will be excited to witness Aphex Twin’s first concert livestream. The announcement follows a series of hints dropped by Aphex Twin himself related to a collaboration with London’s NTS Radio.

The collaboration will consist of an audiovisual live stream of Aphex Twin’s headlining set at Field Day Festival in London. Featuring visuals by artist Weirdcore, the performance is sure to be a unique and profound artistic experience.

The set will be broadcast via NTS on Saturday, June 3rd.

You can check out a preview and count down the seconds (and milliseconds) to the performance here: http://nts.live/projects/aphex-twin

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