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Coca-Cola Becomes Festival Goers Dream Beverage

Coke is changing the festival game! And not in the way you would expect!

In an attempt to garner more attention from millennials, Coca-Cola started a campaign in Romania that focused on every young person’s favorite summer destination: a music festival. The new Coke bottles added a little extra flavor to their label, installing a removable wristband. Each of the 8 unique wristband had the potential to be a winner, and would land consumers tickets to a summer festival in Romania.

The “Festival Bottle.” as they call it, was a grand slam. Not only did it become a hit on social media, Coca-Cola also saw an 11% increase in sales and reached 75% of Romanian teens. Check out all of their statistics in the recap video below:

With imaginative campaigns like this, we can only hope to see more massive companies reach out and support music on such an interactive level.

H/T: YourEDM

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