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EDM.com Spotlight

Feel the Moment With these Fresh Trance Releases [LISTEN]

The wave of trance has been growing steadily as the release of new and exciting tracks pile the electronic dance music charts. With that being said, there is nothing like a good list of 5 new trance tracks to heighten the mood of your day. Prepare for musical journey filled with nostalgia and euphoria.

Lighthouse (Extended Mix) - Andrew Rayel feat. Christina Novelli

When there is a new release from Andrew Rayel, then you know it’s going to be an ear pleaser! But pair it with Christina Novelli vocals, and you get yourself a track that is so nostalgic you wish it were longer. Luckily, there is this extended mix they just came out with to answer our wishes!

Awake - Derek Palmer feat. Cassandra Grey

Filled with melodies of high energy and vocals so serene that you can't hit pause, ‘Awake’ will definitely arouse the senses. Prepare to be awakened; for the duo’s latest trance masterpiece deserved to make it to this top 5 list.

Booya (Extended Mix) Orjan Nilsen, Ruben De Ronde, Rodg

The Dutch duo has teamed up with the one and only Orjan Nilsen to bring you a track that will surely satisfy your trance fix! But put it into an extended mix version, and your fix is sure to get more than what it asked for. This one will definitely be your next favorite trance find!

On The Outside - Cold Blue

Trance mastermind Cold Blue has done it again with his newest release ‘On the Outside’! This track is all about getting outside of your comfort zone and following your heart's truest desires. If you love uplifting and exuberant trance songs, then this is a track for you.

ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca - Frozen Ground

After his experience on stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival with Ilan Bluestone, British singer Giuseppe De Luca developed an inspiration to write this enthralling piece of work. And after just listening to the track, there is honestly something about it that gives transfixation a new meaning. Seriously, take a listen to ‘Frozen Ground’ and feel the sound, forever.

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