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EDM.com Spotlight

After A 10 Year Absence, Gabriel & Dresden Are Releasing A New Album

Trance pioneers, Gabriel & Dresden, hailing from the land of San Fran, recently took up to Kickstarter to fund what could potentially be a new album.

The project was launched November 21st, 2016, and their goal was achieved 37 hours and 12 minutes later. Now, they’ve officially announced that they have finished and mixed their newest album!

Quoting from their Kickstarter update on May 28th:

“We are happy to report that we finished mixing the album yesterday morning just before our flight to Phoenix to go and DJ. We are overwhelmed, exhausted but also so grateful for what we have achieved thus far and excited about the road ahead.”

It’s fantastic to see that a duo that has been inactive for so long, still has that fiery, burning passion to create amazing things. So the hype is real now that they’ve confirmed a completely mixed package but the release date is still in the air. According to the same update, they have yet to master the album and decide on artwork but the biggest problem is finding a record label. They have usually released through the Organized Nature label but have decided they want to find, “A record label who can do the proper marketing of this project so maybe we can get our music on the radio, In films, on tv shows and hopefully even in the charts.”

All of the obstacles factored in, they’re hoping for a mid-June release.

Hopefully this Kickstarter campaign will prove that people still want genres such as trance in their lives and that mainstream electronic music isn’t just the norm. There is so much quality work in this world of EDM, so let’s all appreciate it as much as we can. S

o are you guys excited to hear Gabriel & Dresden once again? We know we are and there will be more news to come on this exciting project!