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Andy C Takes Pegboard Nerds to New Heights with “Speed of Light” Remix

Pegboard Nerds can do it all. From dubstep to experimental electronica, the eclectic Scandinavian duo have covered the bases when it comes to electronic music. The production quality of their tracks are top notch and for that, they are hailed as a dominate force in the Monstercat community and in the genre of EDM, in general.

For all of the aspiring producers out there, I have one piece of advice for you. If your tracks are good enough to be remixed, that’s a sign that your career is heading in the right direction. In the case of the Pegboard Nerds, many of their tracks have been re-interpreted by a variety of talented producers. Speaking of which, one world renowned producer has thrown his hat into the ring and taken on a Pegboard Nerds track to give his own take on the song. That producer is none other than Andy C and it was for the track “Speed of


The highly acclaimed producer and and owner of Ram Records has added a drum and bass flair that complements the light and airy melodies of the song beautifully. If you’re a fan of arpeggiated chord progressions, then this remix is for you. The song starts with a mellow pad and vocal build up but when the arp kicks in, it becomes the prevailing force throughout the rest of the song. The relentless DnB beat meshes so well with the glassy arpeggiated chord progressions that you forget about the hustle of the percussion in this track. I love how Andy C took the time to properly build the track with a combination of arps, pads and vocal placement before reaching the drop.

One thing that has unfortunately become common in dance tracks is this idea that you have to quickly build up to a drop and that there shouldn’t be too much time spent on the build up. While it entirely depends on the track and what the producer wants for the track, I prefer producers that take their time and can clearly articulate a build up section that can hold its own against a drop. I think Andy C found a good balance between the two in this remix. Start with a gradual but crystal clear build up, blaze into a driving drop section then finish with a mellow, easing outro.

I really enjoyed this track and I think fans of EDM in general will appreciate what Andy C did with “Speed of Light”. For more info on the Pegboard Nerds, Andy C, and Monstercat, check out the links below:

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