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EDM.com Spotlight

These Adidas TR-808s are Giving 'Kicks' a Whole New Meaning

It's time to update your "kicks" with these TR-808 inspired Adidas sneakers.

New York based marketing agency, Neely & Daughters, took it upon themselves to design a pair of Adidas training shoes that essentially create music based off of the original TR-808 drum machine. Right now, these sneakers have only made it to the prototype stage, but it’s another big step towards wearable instruments if executed properly.

The most recent prototype featured a USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, volume and tempo control, as well as six programmed beat settings. The idea behind it is really promising and interesting but sadly, these shoes are not available to the general public. Perhaps if enough people were interested then it may one day hit the market but don’t expect that for awhile.

Hopefully as time goes on, more and more people will develop and engineer something as enticing as 808 Adidas shoes. Music technology is always evolving and knowing that something like this exists today, makes the future seem a bit more exciting.

H/T: Magnetic Mag