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Jimmy Fallon Slams Kill The Noise on the Tonight Show [WATCH]

On the famous show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy used his platform to roast a few different artists on the show. Many of the acts on the show were rather eclectic and just straight up weird. Sadly though, first up on the list was our very own Jacob Stanczak, AKA Kill The Noise.

This was quite bittersweet to see the famed producer and DJ on the show as he was insulted. Although, it almost seemed suitable for the track reviewed. Kill The Noise made a song with Dillon Francis called “Dolphin on Wheels”. The main drop of the song features a kick and dolphin samples! If you keep listening to the song, the second drop is made of monkey sounds! Although some of the music Kill The Noise has made in the past has not always been completely normal, it’s still usually entertaining to listen to.

Kill The Noise posted on facebook with a video of the show captioned, “The greatest achievement of our careers 😭😭😭🐬🐬 Dillon Francis."

Listen to the 2015 original below to see just why "Dolphins on Wheels" made it onto Jimmy's Do Not Play List:

Cover photo courtesy of FADED

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Kalebh Schroder Contributing Writer

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