EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Budget Friendly Tips & Tricks to Upgrade Your At Home Studio

Discover the possibilities of do-it-yourself studios with a budget and a little bit of elbow grease.

This past week I spent some time upgrading my studio. I took my desk and added four legs to the front of the desk and made a sliding keyboard shelf. I also cleaned the top and bottom of my desk so it looks pristine. This all took about 10 hours to complete with some help of friends and a total of only $40. Sure the cost of wood can be pretty cheap but what about diffusers, absorbers, speaker stands, lighting, and the whole desk? As home studios become more prevalent, DIY studio basics become more common. I’m here to place some tools in your hands to get your creative workspace rolling.

1. Diffusers, Absorbers, and Bass Traps

(Courtesy of Ready Acoustics)

If you look online, some of these products, depending on the size, can be in the hundreds. With how cheap wood can be, these can cost only $40 tops! If you don’t know what these are, these all help the same purpose of stopping sound waves from bouncing around and skewing how the sound hits your ears. Here are some youtube tutorials on some of these.

2. Desks

Desks cost a lot of money but we can easily bypass this expensive price tag. It’s as easy as getting a few wood planks and connecting them with a smaller piece of wood. Things like sanding and staining are optional and will barely drive up the cost. Below is a quick video showing a very simple and good looking desk. Some other desks based on what you want can cost a little more but it will probably be better than a $100 basic feature desk.

3. Monitor Stands

Reference monitors have to be at a very specific height depending on how tall you are. They need to be perfectly level with your ears at just the right distance away from them and from the walls around them. Here’s a quick video on how to make cheap monitor stands. This, however, doesn’t exactly solve the problem of the speakers vibrating. People recommend putting hand towels underneath them or by putting chair leg caps underneath and stacking them two or three high on the corners.

4. Cable Consolidation

This is a big one once audio interfaces, disk drives, SSDs, extra computer screens, LED lighting, and reference monitors come into place. These wires clutter up space and make the studio look messy. This obviously includes the problem with wires tangling up and making it harder to track down where wires go. These can easily be solved with twisty ties, gaff (studio and stage) tape, wire tubing, cord protectors, or wire sleeves. These all are important things to consider when wires become tangled and messy.

Go D.I.Y!

In conclusion, there are things that no matter what you do, you have to dish out some cash. These things are gear such as headphones, monitors, computers, interfaces, wires and cables, and lighting. Money is needed for the more important things. Even the DIY materials will cost money, but in the long run, money can be saved depending on your skill and drive.