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EDM.com Spotlight

Flume Ends the “Skin” era with the Release of New Single “Hyperreal” [LISTEN]

It’s been nearly a whole entire year since Flume officially became a world renowned superstar with the release of his sophomore album Skin.

This album has undoubtedly been his most successful work to date, which in return won him a Grammy this past year, which was very much well deserved. Flume not only dropped an amazing album, but like most artists do, followed it up with a massive worldwide tour. Flume not only performed at massive music festivals around the globe, but also various venues around the U.S. and Europe while he toured both continents. His shows not only displayed his versatility for producing music, but also for producing an immersive live show with a perfectly curated playlist and world-class production to go along with it. The production included a series of hanging “cubes” above producer while he performed, which then proceed to shine on the crowd before him, now a signature look for Flume. As someone who personally saw his show on three separate occasions, Flume in no way disappointed, in fact these shows were some of the best I'd ever seen.

Months after the release of Skin, Flume proceeded to release Skin Companion EP I to go along with it, featuring smash hits such as “Heater.” Flume was not done though, he then dropped Skin Companion EP II with a series of 4 new tracks on it for people around the world to give a listen to. Then, like most artists do, he released an album of remixes of his tracks, featuring artists such as Baauer, Disclosure, Martin Solveig, Golden Features, Naderi, and much more.

Finally, to officially end this era, Flume dropped one last record to go along with Skin, titled “Hyperreal.” This is exactly how Flume fans wanted to see this awesome period in Flume’s producing to “come to an end.” This track might possibly be the best, or one of the best songs from this past year. The track gives off chilling synths, and beautiful vocals from Kučka. The track includes everything that you would come to expect from Flume, including irregular drum kicks to give his track a sort of a more human feel to it. Towards the middle the track the, the song seems to “contract,” when it stops to make a almost gourd scratching noise, but then seems to “unravel” back into its flowing synths and vocals from Kučka. “Hyperreal” is sure to be on repeat for many fans over the next couple of weeks. It’s exciting to wait and see what is next for the Australian producer.