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EDM.com Spotlight

GRiZ Pauses Set at Middlelands as Security Helps Fan Trapped in a Tree

If you’ve been keeping up with your social media lately, you should be seeing things about the Middlelands festival going on in Todd Mission, Texas.

Big artists such as Marshmello, Major Lazer, GRIZ, and many other attended the renaissance themed event. Though GRIZ experienced a minor hiccup which forced him to pause his set, under kind of hilarious circumstances.

It wasn’t his fault nor was it a technical issue, but a man who somehow managed to effectively lodge himself in a tree. Reports say that the poor soul scaled the tree to get a grand view of the stage and passed out somewhere along the line. After staying up there for a while (GRIZ’s whole set) people began to realize that he had no way down, so they sent in a forklift to assist the damsel in distress. To do so GRIZ had to pause his set which took a slice of time out of his performance. Thankfully the man was rescued and the music could resume.

Guy in the tree shut down @mynameisgriz set. #middlelands

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Thankfully, it sounds as though Middlelands has been smooth sailing otherwise!

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