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Site of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Slated to Become Memorial

On June 21st of last year, 49 people were killed in a shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub located in Orlando, Florida. This attack spread throughout the news, causing a mass feeling of heartbreak, loss, and awareness about the LGBTQ community.

The onePULSE Foundation, incorporated by owners of Pulse, was created to support survivors and their families by providing community grants and educational programs. On Thursday, they announced that they would be building a memorial and a museum at the property to remember those that were killed. Scholarships will also be created for each of the 49 people lost, and the museum will showcase various artifacts and stories from the horrific night.

Barbara Poma, Pulse nightclub owner and executive director/CEO of onePULSE made the public announcement outside of the club. She spoke about how the memorial would help with healing, and recognize the "iconic, meaningful, national" sacred ground.

During the construction of the memorial and museum, a large amount of input will come from people that were directly involved with the shooting. This includes survivors, family members, first responders, and a few select others. An additional trusted board will also help with decision-making towards the memorial.

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