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Turn Down for… a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

After its release in 2013, “Turn Down for What instantly became a dance floor essential track, making its way into the playlists of almost every club DJ. Within three months this song quickly went gold becoming DJ Snake’s first top 10 hit. Since then, this track has showed no sign of “turning down”, even still being worked in to festival sets today. As a result of this song release, “Turn Down for What?” has been a viral phrase shouted and quoted by fans for years.

Finally, rapper Freddie Gz has stepped up to give us all an answer to this very familiar question.

Turn down for what? Turn down for a lawsuit.

That’s right, in a recent federal lawsuit, DJ Snake and Lil Jon have come into the spotlight for allegedly copying this multimillion-dollar profiting song from rapper, Freddie Gz. The plaintiff from Golden Crown Records explains that the beat, chord progression, and vocals from DJ Snake and Lil John show extreme resemblance to Freddie Gz’s prior released track, even sharing the same track title. Freddie claims that he has realized this resemblance since its release in 2013, but has just now decided to come forward with his claims to fight for action.

When Lil John was interviewed right after the release of “Turn Down for What” he said:

When DJ Snake sent me the track with a sample and he wanted me to redo it with my voice. When I heard the song I was like this beat is too crazy for that sample. I wanted to make it hip and current, and the first thing that came to mind was the phrase 'Turn Down for What!

Whether intentional or not, both tracks titled “Turn Down for What” are undoubtedly similar. With Sony Music and Kobalt Music Publishing on their side, DJ Snake and Lil Jon will be defending themselves in court soon.

Check out Freddie Gz’s “Turn Down for What” along with DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” below and let us know how you think this lawsuit will play out!

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