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EDM.com Spotlight

20 Artists to Look out for This Festival Season

If you’re anything like me, you’re prepping for a festival right now.

Maybe it’s your first time or maybe you’re a seasoned vet who’s seen Bassnectar thirty seven times. Either way, one thing’s probably true: you don’t know EVERY name on that lineup.

I know it gets easy to ignore the small print sometimes, but just because you’ve never heard of them doesn’t mean they aren’t some of the people doing the most innovative things in music right now. Below is a list of twenty artists that I believe are going to be headliners in no time.


Dutch future trap duo DROELOE is making waves on San Holo’s bitbird label, and has big things in the works.


Parker almost feels like Marshmello 2.0 in the sense that he came out of nowhere with unique, uplifting tunes that caught everyone’s ear. Parker doesn’t have that kind of traffic yet, but it looks like it won’t be long.


Vancouver-native, Nathan Shaw aka EKALI is making big waves in the trap and future bass scene, ever since his perfect remix of Flux Pavilion’s iconic “I Can’t Stop.”


It’s all about house music with mystery man Malaa. His latest project was his Illegal Mixtape featuring new tracks from the masked man himself as well as other up and coming house artists.

Terror Reid

Terror might wear a mix similar to Malaa’s but everyone knows Getter when they see him, even if it is under a mask. If you haven’t heard his new rap side project, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s way better than it should be.


Aussie duo SLUMBERJACK have been around since 2014 but are just now starting to hit their stride in finding their place in the scene. They released a massive EP called Fracture in April and they’re on the rise faster than ever.


It’s honestly tragic I’ve never met another person who’s heard of VALENTINE.


Man, what is it with Australia that seems to birth godly electronic producers? Flume, aforementioned SLUMBERJACK, Knife Party, and now this Luude guy. This guy has one of the most unique trap sounds in the game right now, and it’s a shame people don’t know him.


HEKLER is similar to Luude in his insanely unique trap beats, but where Luude gives you a sense of trippy mysticism, HEKLER gives you a sense of rage your face off.


Another Firepower newcomer, Cosma dropped his debut EP Hornets in April and it’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from Firepower. Punchy drums, dirty bass, and some really crazy sound design.


All we really know about Yntendo is that one of the duo, Apphia Rayne, is an instagram model. Her partner Alan Notkin both hail from Los Angeles and have a knack for the dark scary beats à la REZZ.

Sumthin Sumthin

Trap legend UZ’s prodigy. Hopefully that’s all I need to say.


Calling it right now, k?d is going to be huge. He’s still pretty new to the scene and yet every release is an instant classic. If you like Illenium you won't be disappointed with k?d.

Kai Wachi

I have a special place in my heart for Kai Wachi, mostly because he’s from my hometown of Boise, Idaho, so people around here have known him for years. However he’s finally (FINALLY) starting to make a real name for himself. When it comes to hybrid trap/dub, Kai is king.

Louis the Child

You’ve heard of these guys. If not I’m sorry, but to sum them up it’s basically impossible to be in a bad mood while you’re listening to Louis the Child.

Dion Timmer

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Excision’s prodigy. This dude from Holland started releasing collaborations with Excision pretty much since day one. That should say a lot.


Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella from Los Angeles, California make up ARMNHMR; two budding trap producers who seem to have an obsession with remixing The Chainsmoker's songs. As long as they keep doing them better than the originals I’ll have no complaints


Dabin just released his debut Album, Two Hearts on Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Kannibalen Records and it is future bass magic.


Sikdope basically tells you all you need to know in his name. Which actually happens to be David Sikdope. How sick dope is that?


If you’ve never heard of Wooli I have three words for you. CAVE. PROMO. MIX. Wooli dropped this forty minutes of filth promoting his first EP with Firepower Records, The Cave and it’s a headbanger's wet dream.

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments!