EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Burger-Filled, Grease-Mageddon Of A Music Video From Snails & Botnek

“You’re never gonna be a hero, a real hero,” proclaims a white hick asshole as he tosses a stack of cash at a Conan the Barbarian wannabe who – let’s face it – just wants to be the hero.

This is just the beginning of this surreal adventure however, as we start to see the world become consumed by a slime that mutates food that only seeks to kill us all! (Have I mentioned that I like what I do? I’m literally writing about radioactive slimey food monsters. Follow your dreams, kids.)

And if you’re just reading this article and not watching the video, then shame on you. Watch the ridiculousness that is, “Waffle House.”

Montreal-based producer and DJ, Snails, as well as a production duo hailing from Nova Scotia, Botnek, have really pushed the boundaries of weird and unique in this collaboration. The track itself is something solid and very much OWSLA, yet listening to it it seems that maybe their main vision with this was the accompanying music video. Teaming up with Spanish filmmaker, Ernest Desumbila, as well as a very talented group of animators at Sauvage, they were able to come up with an awesome hybrid of live action and 2D animation that is rarely seen these days. Perhaps a project like this will bolster the imagination of thousands of producers who think that they can’t do it.

You can. They did. Burger monsters. Enjoy.

Also be sure to check out Snails as he will be on tour in the next coming months!

Snails' Upcoming Festival Dates:

5/28 - Sunset Music Festival - Tampa, FL

6/3 - Ever After Festival - Kitchener, ON

6/10 - Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN

6/11 - Spring Awakening Music Festival - Chicago, IL

6/17 - EDC - Las Vegas, NV

6/23-6/24 - Paradiso - Seattle, WA

6/25 - Escapade Music Festival - Ottawa, ON

7/21 - Tomorrowland Weekend 1 - Boom, Belgium

7/28 - Tomorrowland Weekend 2 - Boom, Belgium

7/24-7/29 - Emmaboda Festival - Emmaboda, Sweden

8/4 - Osheaga Festival - Montreal, QC

8/11-8/13 - Summer Set Music & Camping Festival - Somerset, WI

9/1/-9/3 - Electric Zoo - New York, NY

10/6 - Red Rocks - Denver, CO