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EDM.com Spotlight

We Spoke With Happy Hardcore King, Gammer, Ahead of Colorado's Overload Festival [INTERVIEW]

Colorado’s Hard Music scene has grown like crazy in the past few years, and next week, Overload Festival will be arriving in the Mile High City to keep the trend on the rise.

Overload Festival has a crazy lineup from all over the world, featuring Hard Music legends Code Black, Da Tweekaz Gammer, LNY TNZ, & Noisecontrollers. For every name on this list but Noisecontrollers, it will be their first time visiting Colorado.

Check out the Overload Festival trailer here:

We spoke to Gammer about his career, and upcoming visit to the mile high city:

EDM.com: Thank you for speaking to us! To kick this off, please tell us how you ended up here - what crazy places has your career taken you thus far?

Gammer: My pleasure! I’d say Tokyo has got to be top of the list. The place itself isn’t so crazy, so much as the situations I’ve gotten myself into…but that's for a different interview

As we speak I’m about to head off to Thailand for a show so I’m sure something weird will go down just because I’m me.

You’ve had some very diverse collabs with names like Mija, Kayzo, Audien, & Kill The Noise. DJ Snake even opened up his set at Coachella with one of your tracks. What do you do that makes your music so accessible across all dance music genres?

I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of the US sound and that I have been translating it into some of my own production. It’s also crazy how many of those artists have roots in the old school rave culture and already knew who I was. I never chased any of this it just kinda happened.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before, without using any genre terms?

Fast and dumb.

Happy Hardcore has seen massive growth in the US recently. You and Darren Styles just did a big tour around the country, and the sound is spreading like wildfire. Why do you think it’s happening now?

Yes, I get asked this a lot. I think the main thing is - the US has embraced dance music so much over the last decade. The whole ‘genre’ thing doesn't seem to exist so aggressively over there. I mean, damn, I’m hearing main stage DJs drop so much uptempo 4x4 stuff that honestly I think it's opened a door for our music to slide right into.

Additionally I honestly believe the music offers something unique. There's a kajillion djs with big drops and bangers but the musicality is non existent, which is something happy hardcore has always maintained as a strong point.

Are the sets you play in the US different from the sets you play in the UK, Australia, or other places abroad? What is different?

In a nutshell, yes. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Trap/Dubstep sound. But I steer clear of that stuff in the UK/Australia as its just not really for those crowds. Additionally some of the real PLURFAM anthems that are big in the diehard happy hardcore community don’t really translate over to the festival crowds. I enjoy every set in every country as much, but I definitely play slightly differently to each audience.

We’re very excited to have you in Denver for Overload Festival. What is something you absolutely must do once you come to Colorado?


When you Google the meaning behind “Gammer”, the result that comes up is “old country women.” Is there something you aren't telling us?

Honestly, Dougal was in charge of the release credits and can’t spell the word ‘Gamer'


There are a few tickets still left for Overload Festival, get yours here today.